Nonna Hat for Blythe dolls

Nonna hat for Blythe dolls

New hat design based on my Lacey Hat pattern. This new version has been knit with supersoft mohair blend yarn and trimmed with silky 100% bamboo yarn. It’s embellished with a blingy rhinestone bead and two knitted flowers. I think it has a real old-fashioned feel, hence the name. I hope to have more colours available over the next wee while and also provide the pattern for purchase.

Available as a ready made item in my Etsy store.

Nonna Hat for Blythe dolls

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  1. Poo. Now I feel bad I quit hoarding farbic a while ago and now mostly what I have left is costuming type stuff that is most definitely not cotton. I’m also totally out of yarn and can’t get more till my next Google Adsense Revenue payment.

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