Bedding for playscale dolls and technique for ageing dolly furniture

ageing plastic dolly furniture-shabby chic effect

I have been inspired to make some new bedding for my Blythe dolls with some pillows that actually look soft enough to lie on 🙂 The pattern is available in my Etsy store and you can sell handmade items made from the pattern. It was really fun to do and very addictive – I have 3 more design themes in my head already.

And of course I had to spruce up their tacky plastic Bratz bed to fit their newfound stylishness. The original arctic white plastic looked so fake (lol, yes I know plastic is fake). So I decided to be brave and got out the paint brush and sanding block. I think the end result brings out the ornate details of the plastic (again, lol!). Now my mind is also thinking up new ideas for bedheads.

technique for ageing plastic dolly furniture

My technique

Here’s how I did it.

1. I gave the bedhead and base two coats of Burnt Umber acrylic paint, mixed with a little flow medium. The bed has screws to remove the pieces but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get it back together so I just painted carefully around the mattress. Any spills were removed with rubbing alcohol before it dried. I let the paint dry between coats (3-4 hours) and then overnight before applying the next step. I was careful not to paint too thickly around the details, actually going back and removing any excess with a fairly dry brush.

2. Then I painted the bedhead and base with about 3 coats of white acrylic paint mixed with a touch of skin tone to warm it up. I painted these layers quite thinly and was again careful not to apply too much paint over the details. After each coat had dried for an hour I sanded the edges and details to bring out some of the darker paint colour underneath. Some of the plastic also showed through but that was ok – better than stark white.

3. When completely dry (after 6 hours) I gave the bed a glaze to bring out the details. I applied a tiny bit of Burnt Umber acrylic paint with a wet brush, getting into the grooves. Then I wiped it off with a wet Chux cloth. I kept doing this until the desired effect was achieved.

I hope you will give it a go. Please let me know if you do and share some pictures.

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