Farrah, looking better after many spas!

It’s been a while (*cough* *cough*). I thought I’d share an update on how my ‘new girl’ is going. After many, many spa hair treatments – sometimes with fabric softener, sometimes with Joico human hair conditioner – her hair isn’t as wild and frizzy. I kind of miss the volume she had in the beginning but I’m sure some curlers will help in that regard. After her hair treatments I usually use a flat iron (set to about 115C) and some L’Oréal anti-frizz serum to smooth out her strands.

I still can’t believe I can actually come her hair now. The first few times after a spa it would matt up into knots again.

One day I hope her hair is going to be silky. Maybe in two years time I’ll share another update 😀

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New girl

I always get scared posting about new girls before they arrive, but I really want to share this sweetie right away!

I won her in an auction on ebay and found out after my win that she (little Rhonda) belonged to the seller’s grandmother. How sweet!!!

Hopefully she’ll arrive in Australia from Illinois before Easter and I can work on her restoration over the break. In the past I’ve sent Kenners to professionals to restore but I want to learn how to tame the frizz myself. I think I was always a little scared of breaking Eliza and Lucinda because they arrived so perfect.

Kenner heaven

[update: I have decided to make the ‘wallpaper’ photo available as a greeting card on Redbubble. Go check it out : ) ]

Two new lovelies have joined my Blythe family. Both of them were TLC girls, lovingly restored by Rebecca (Squirrel Junkie). I can’t believe how cute and beautiful they are. I have lots of Blythe dolls in my collection (18 at the moment) but these two have a special, ethereal quality.

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Superstar Hall of Fame

I’m not sure if everyone knows this but there is a collection of extraordinary Blythe pics on Flickr that you can view as a slideshow. Sit back and enjoy the Blythe 25+ Excellent Superstar Hall of Fame! group pool.

In case you’re wondering, our cover girl is by _temaki_ on Flickr. I’m not sure if she’s in the pool but I think she’s pretty cute.

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