Farrah, looking better after many spas!

It’s been a while (*cough* *cough*). I thought I’d share an update on how my ‘new girl’ is going. After many, many spa hair treatments – sometimes with fabric softener, sometimes with Joico human hair conditioner – her hair isn’t as wild and frizzy. I kind of miss the volume she had in the beginning but I’m sure some curlers will help in that regard. After her hair treatments I usually use a flat iron (set to about 115C) and some L’OrΓ©al anti-frizz serum to smooth out her strands.

I still can’t believe I can actually come her hair now. The first few times after a spa it would matt up into knots again.

One day I hope her hair is going to be silky. Maybe in two years time I’ll share another update πŸ˜€

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New girl

I always get scared posting about new girls before they arrive, but I really want to share this sweetie right away!

I won her in an auction on ebay and found out after my win that she (little Rhonda) belonged to the seller’s grandmother. How sweet!!!

Hopefully she’ll arrive in Australia from Illinois before Easter and I can work on her restoration over the break. In the past I’ve sent Kenners to professionals to restore but I want to learn how to tame the frizz myself. I think I was always a little scared of breaking Eliza and Lucinda because they arrived so perfect.

Coco sweater knitting pattern for Blythe dolls

I’ve designed a new knitting pattern for Blythe dolls, available in my Etsy store. The Coco Sweater is a fun short-sleeved sweater reminiscent of Pierrot the clown with its rolled ribbed collar and bobbles/pom poms down the front and also a little Coco Chanel with the contrasting trim.

The pattern is recommended for those with an intermediate level of knitting skills. The pattern uses bobbles and increases (M1L, M1R), though the bobbles can be replaced with store bought pom poms. It is knit in one piece from the top down and uses increases to shape. Under the sleeves are the only parts that need seaming.

Items made from the pattern can be sold.

Snuggly felted blanket for Blythe and other 1:6 scale (playscale) dolls

I thought I’d share some instructions on how I made this little blanket for my Blythe dolls. It’s knit with a feather and fan stitch pattern and Noro Kureyon yarn. I found the colours a bit bold for such a small scale so I felted it and am very happy with the results. It could easily be scaled up for other dolls, such as American Girl and Waldorf dolls. The instructions are free to download.

Download free pattern

Free sewing pattern: travel pouch for Blythe dolls

I made a little travel pouch so I can send a girl safely across the world. Thought you might enjoy making some too so I’m sharing the sewing pattern. It’s a simple little pouch with a touch of glam (check out the satin lining!) that closes with a ribbon.
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The Romance of Spring

Yes, I do love floral fabrics. And what better use to put them to than pretty babydoll dresses for Blythe. I hope you like them. Grab one in my Etsy store. They were so nice to make – I hope to make more soon. If you’re looking for a certain colour for future updates, drop me a comment.

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Valentine’s Day dresses for Blythe

I’ve updated my shop with some new romantically themed dresses perfect for Valentine’s Day or all year round. Available as ready made items in my Etsy store. I hope to make the pattern available to purchase soon too.

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Dirndl Bells – Bavarian style Christmas dress for Blythe dolls

The Holiday Season is approaching! Recently I purchased a gorgeous little Christmas fabric that had a cute folksy feel about it. It inspired me to create a ‘dirndl’ style dress for our Blythes. I hope to have a few available to purchase over the next few weeks. The first one is available in my Etsy store.

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Nonna Hat for Blythe dolls

New hat design based on my Lacey Hat pattern. This new version has been knit with supersoft mohair blend yarn and trimmed with silky 100% bamboo yarn. It’s embellished with a blingy rhinestone bead and two knitted flowers. I think it has a real old-fashioned feel, hence the name. I hope to have more colours available over the next wee while and also provide the pattern for purchase.

Available as a ready made item in my Etsy store.

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Lucky Strike No.1 colourful beaded hat for Blythe dolls

A cute and whimsical hat to brighten up your Blythe doll’s Winter wardrobe. The hat is knit in a high-quality wool yarn and decorated with bright flower beads and embroidery. It has little ear flaps to keep her ears warm. Available as a ready made item in my Etsy store.

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Forest elf beaded hat for Blythe dolls

I decided to jazz up my Forest elf Slouchie Hats with some hand embroidery and beading. These will be added to my Etsy store as they are finished. I don’t see myself making any more in this style once they are all done. The pattern to knit your own hat is still available to purchase too.

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