The Romance of Spring

Yes, I do love floral fabrics. And what better use to put them to than pretty babydoll dresses for Blythe. I hope you like them. Grab one in my Etsy store. They were so nice to make – I hope to make more soon. If you’re looking for a certain colour for future updates, drop me a comment.

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The Explorers Collection: Exotica No.1 dress for Blythe dolls

This collection of dresses was inspired by the explorers of the 18th Century who scoured the world looking for new lands and wealth. As they charted new coastlines they discovered exotic flora and fauna, which they’d never seen before. The dresses are available to purchase as ready-to-wear items from my Etsy store.

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Enoki dress for Blythe

Finally I have finished some dresses for Blythe dolls, made especially for Fall with their orange and brown colours. Which is ironic considering I live in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s actually Spring here.  But they are light enough to be worn in Spring too 🙂

There are four available in my etsy shop. So hop on over and take a look!

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