Farrah, looking better after many spas!

It’s been a while (*cough* *cough*). I thought I’d share an update on how my ‘new girl’ is going. After many, many spa hair treatments – sometimes with fabric softener, sometimes with Joico human hair conditioner – her hair isn’t as wild and frizzy. I kind of miss the volume she had in the beginning but I’m sure some curlers will help in that regard. After her hair treatments I usually use a flat iron (set to about 115C) and some L’Oréal anti-frizz serum to smooth out her strands.

I still can’t believe I can actually come her hair now. The first few times after a spa it would matt up into knots again.

One day I hope her hair is going to be silky. Maybe in two years time I’ll share another update 😀

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